Kenozersk “Path of anthills” took bronze for the "Route of the Year" prize

19 October 2017
The route «Path of anthills» became the only representative of the Arkhangelsk region, which received a prize in the overall standings. Full-time protection was held on November 1 in Kazan, where one of the authors of «kenozer ants» Ilya Kuzubov made a presentation. A total of 446 projects from 67 regions of the country were declared for the All-Russian Tourist Prize «Route of the Year» in 2017. In the national final, 121 projects from 36 regions were presented.

It should be noticed that a large-scale project for the construction of art objects on the ecological «Path of anthills» was implemented on May 2017. Alexander Menukhov, Daniil Vlasov, Nikolai Terentyev, Ilya Kuzubov, Nikolai Vimorkov and Alexey Maklakov, as well as volunteers from the Kenozersky National Park from Moscow, Podolsk and Kirov worked on the construction of wooden sculptures for a month. The official opening of the «Path of anthills» was held in August.

— Reaching the final and taking ‘bronze’ at the All-Russian competition is a victory and an excellent result. We will continue cooperation with the Kenozersky National Park and will try our luck at various profile competitions next year, when we will update one more interesting route, — said Ilya Kuzubov, organizer of the Taibola festival.