“The Deer’s Feast” in Golubino - the winner of the regional competition of the Russian Event Awards

16 October 2017

The Deer’s Feast in Golubino became the winner in the nomination «Event in the field of popularization of event tourism» in the final of the regional contest «the National Award in the field of event tourism of Russian Event Awards».

The final of the contest was held on October 12-13 in Vladimir. The contest received 326 projects from 31 regions of Russia.
The Arkhangelsk Region was represented by the Golubino Company with «the Deer’s Feast», which annually takes place on March 8 in the Pinega District.

— This year we at the first time tried our strength in organizing a major event. We wanted as many people as possible would know about our Deer’s Feast, — told Anna Klepikovskaya, the director for development of the Golubino Forest Hotel.

Rivals in the nomination were strong: Festival of impressions and discoveries «Suitcase» (Vladimir region), 16th festival of balloonists on thermal balloons «Golden Ring of Russia» (Yaroslavl region), IV International competition-festival «Nevsky Stars» and International Motofestival «St. Petersburg Harley Days» (St. Petersburg) and others.

As a result, «the Deer’s feast» took first place in its nomination, sharing it with the All-Russian family love and loyalty day, in the city of Murom.

— We have already begun preparations for March 8, 2018. According to the experience of the last year, we feel more confident in holding a large-scale celebration. There are already some ideas, including a joint project with Ilya Kuzubov and the team of «Taibola», — added Anna.

Projects that won prizes in the regional contest will be able to take part in the national final of the Russian Event Awards, which will be held on October 28 — 29 in Lipetsk.