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Tourism in the Arkhangelsk region: rates are growing

17 April 2014
Results of tourist potential implementation were presented by the head of the Arkhangelsk Region Agency for Tourism and International Cooperation Svetlana Zenovskaya. 

For a considerable period of time the annual tourism growth made approximately 3%. In 2013 it increased to 14.5%. In 2012 330 000 tourists visited the region, in 2013 the number increased to 377 000. 

Svetlana Zenovskaya named top five famous places in the region: the city of Arkhangelsk, Primorsky district (together with the Solovetsky archipelago), Ustyansky, Velsky and Kargopolsky districts. 

According to the municipalities’ reports the amount of paid services provided by hotels and guest houses had an 80% increase, and amounts to almost 2 bln rubles.

Hospitality sector pays over 180 mln rubles taxes. According to Svetlana Zenovskaya, under the state support of the hospitality sector last year 15 municipalities of the Arkhangelsk region received subsidies to realize 26 tourism projects. 

Budget allocation was 5.9 mln rubles. The funds were channeled to build and reconstruct hotels and landmarks, organize events to promote tourist potential of the territories. 

Besides, two regional projects received a federal grant in November 2013: the regional tourist-recreational clusters “Kargopolye” and “Ustyany” Total amount of federal financing is planned to make up 1.5 bln rubles.

320 mln rubles will come from the federal center, and about 1 bln rubles will be attracted from non-budgetary sources. 

In his commentary to the report the Governor expressed his certainty that there will be more and more Arkhangelsk territories that will receive serious grants from the national government. 

This, however, doesn’t depend solely on the regional authorities: municipal authorities also should join the fundraising process. 

— I want to remind all heads of the municipalities that to position the Arkhangelsk region as a territory attractive for tourists is a personal obligation of you all. Your departments should keep that in mind when organizing different events, – said the Governor. 

Press-service of Arkhangelsk region government