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Travel around the Arkhangelsk Region with your iPhone

25 December 2014
The sights and events of the Arkhangelsk Region is now available in the mobile tourist guide "TopTripTip - Travel Across Russia"

The Arkhangelsk Region is among the first participants of the federal touristic mobile guide "TopTripTip - Travel Across Russia". The Arkhangelsk Region is the TOP15 in number of downloads.

The TopTripTip app will tell you about the places that are worth visiting, in detail. It managed to fit all the useful information from brief historical references to nearby attractions in a one-page description. And all of this is in a convenient graphical interface! Whether you are searching for the best cafe in the park, picking an interesting museum, or just looking to arrange an interesting walk around the city, it can help you!

For today there are 78 objects, 15 events, 7 routes of the Arkhangelsk Region in the app's database. This information will be updated. According to statistics, the most popular are: Lake-channel system in Solovki, Novodvinsk fortress Solovetsky Monastery, guided tour of Arkhangelsk "Arkhangelsk is the city with the name of the angel" and the Northern Dvina Embankment. Now the app is available for iOS. Since the beginning of 2015 you will be able to use the TopTripTip on your Android.

Tourist Informational Center of the Arkhangelsk Region