Winter holiday in Kargopol

12 December 2017

Winter is the perfect time to retire from the daily onerous cares and get out to the origins — genuine nature and living ares of Russian North. We intive you to delightful trips around the unique natural and architektural heritage of Kargopol!

New Year’s holidays and Christmas in Kargopol present themselves as introduction to the history and culture of the city, folk handicrafts and ancient white-stone churches, massive heaps of white snow and all possible conditions to walk lonely narrow paths searching for soul harmony and evolving your inside reserved university. A joyful festival «Crystal Bells» will afford you to have an acquitance with Russian past by playing church bells  traditional Orthodox soundmaking in the period from 17 to 19 January. In the mean time you may take part in challenge of constructing ice sculptures, in concert of bell music, master classes on bells ringing.

Be sure to visit the settlements adjoined to Kargopol which reserve genuine wooden formations up to now. They still preserved the rural way of life  paganism is closely intertwined with Orthodoxy, village gatherings, folk games and amusements. And of course you have a great chance to taste the traditional Kargopol kitchen with porridges and pancakes, homemade mors from wild berries, cottage cheese and specific Russian hardly named (but super delicious) dishes ... The list is indeed endless! Try hard to keep your body fit afterwards!

Concerning those requests there is a big amount of following winterroutes here! Each of them remains at your disposal for choice: New Year in Kargopolje  2018, Christmas in Kenozerye, Christmas in Lekshmozerye, New Years at Lekshmozerye, Kenozerskoye Novodeia and others.

If you enjoy to do active sports, so we recommend you to suit with warm pullovers, scarves and boots and make a great (or first time not really) ski or snowmobile performance at Kargopol ski-lodge. There are many ways: Ski expedition along the Poongel, Snowmobile Weekend, Ski patrol from Kenozzer to Lexmozero. Active rest on Kargopol and in the Kenozersky national park on skis, snowstorms and cars. Russian northern nature, cultural landscapes, pearls of architecture. Wihout bathing  No Russian winter! Come and perceive on yourself a bouncing Russian broom!

Your children might have interest to take part in the interactive shows of the Kargopol Museum Winter Tale and Winter Charm: master classes tutoring horseback On the blue patch white stitches, an excursion to Christ Cathedral with a master class on bells, exhibition quests, interactive program Sit-rounds are not trinkets, a master class on free-brush painting This spinner is smart ... and many other interesting, joyful and fascinating events.

The Center of Folk Crafts Bereginya invites everyone to master classes on modeling and painting of the Kargopol clay toy, heel, birch bark, lessons on the potters wheel and others. And who likes to bake cakes and treat them, welcome to the master class and to bake traditional pies: stackers with a stack, stupids, teterki, wickets, kalachi oat pancakes.

Be sure to check the Ski Museum, which is located on the Sirenevya Str. (Lilac Street). It seems rather small but true interesting and significant  do not abstain from the visit! In the exposition of the museum you can overlook old rare skis of the 19-20 centuries, the first commercials, Soviet-era skates, old covered and uncovered sledges, the first ski bindings, ironing, sticks, rewards, Soviet hockey uniforms and much more. By the way, this is the only ski museum in the Arkhangelsk region today.

Not far away from it you can see the fairy-located Ecopark ‘Bear District. The park has been guarded by three legendary knights of Russian folklore. A marvellous playground for your children: ice cottages, fortresses, and rinks, old funny cartoons and quizes, various ice sledding hills that belived to have originated from famous ice prototypes of roller coasters (specifically named Russian Mountains) ordered by Peter I the Great and continued later by Catherine II the Great in 18 century. No time for boring!

If you have any questions or wishes about the booking service, please contact us via phone by the number: 8 911 672 60 46. (Tourist information center in Kargopol). e-mail: tic.